Technology to Protect and Save

Technology to Protect and Save

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Canvasback is an enterprise solutions provider specializing in GPS and RFID technology for tracking and managing business personnel, assets and resources. Canvasback systems take GPS fleet management to another level. We offer GPS fleet management systems for companies on a budget.  Canvasback helps our customers save money and increase profits through mobile technology. We also help our clients better serve their customers through increased customer service and automated notifications.

At Canvasback, we have over 60 years of combined law enforcement experience and more than 20 years of private industry loss prevention experience. We have a deep understanding of the challenges organizations face on a daily basis. Every year private industry and government entities lose billions of dollars due to:

  • Inefficient business practices
  • Employee misconduct/theft
  • Unnecessary waste
  • Regulatory sanctions
  • Legal action
  • Theft
  • Accidents
  • Vandalism

To be successful in business it is critical that companies find ways to decrease these losses and increase the bottom line. Additionally, as stewards of public funds, government entities owe it to the tax payers to examine losses to find solutions in loss prevention.

Our goal is to help companies and government agencies to utilize loss prevention technology and strategies to stop the flow of unwanted and unnecessary loss. Put our years of experience and our cutting-edge technology to use for you and your organization.




To provide high quality technology solutions that go beyond fleet management, so you can focus on running your business.

To provide honest and professional service.




Our Record

Our work in the criminal justice and regulatory industry provides us with the knowledge and skills to provide high tech solutions to real world problems.

Our research and development engineers are some of the finest in the business and are constantly working to find new and better ways to secure your risks.

Our sales team has a long history in high tech industry and are very knowledgeable with our products. They are committed to you find the right solution for your business.



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